The last day

It’s hard to believe today is my last day in Bali.  In less than nine hours I’ll be on a flight to Taipei, and then a very long flight back to Seattle.  I had visions of being able to write something extraordinary to sum up this trip, but I find myself having difficulty knowing where to start.  It’s been so amazing in so many ways.  It’s changed my perspective and my life and I’m not even sure where to start. The only thing that pops into my head right now is thanking my incredible friend Joya and my new friend Jo for such a life-changing experience.

Our Bali scooter gang
Our Bali scooter gang

Travel has always been something I’ve wanted to do.  I’ve put it off.  I’ve brushed it aside.  I’ve waited for more money, more time, travel companions, the right time to ask for a vacation from work.  Sure, I made it to Mexico last year, but until now that big off-continent travel adventure had still eluded me.  My list of travel destinations has grown substantially: Peru, Chile, Australia, Easter Island, Guatemala, New Zealand, Europe, Nepal, Thailand, and Cambodia to name a few.  I could go on forever.  Maybe I would have made it to Bali at some point, but it was never on my list and maybe it never would have been.

Then one day Joya decided spur-of-the-moment to go to Bali to find herself, to take a break, to work from the other side of the world, to do something completely different.  Her gumption to go alone astounded me.  I went to Mexico alone, but Indonesia!?  Wow.  She told me casually “Oh my gosh, you should come!” and the gears started turning.  After all, I had just started my own business and had no boss to ask for vacation permission. What better time than now?  I could work remotely from there if necessary to keep my cash flow going.  I considered.  And I considered some more.  Honestly I didn’t think I’d go.

Then shortly after Joya arrived in Ubud she logged into Google Chat.  I rarely see her on chat.  It was a Monday night and I was at my bowling league.  I shouldn’t have even been online but needed to finish a proposal for a client and so there I was working from the bowling alley. It’s all such a funny coincidence.  I asked her about her first day in Bali.  Her response:

get here.
it’s amazing
like just amazing.
two days and I can hardly believe it.

It was then that I just knew I had to go.  And I did.  And now here I am on my last day in Bali.  The last day of my first off-continent trip that will be the one I remember in the future as THE one that started it all.  How unbelievable to also befriend Jo, such an incredible, fun, insightful and wise soul for her young years.  Traveling with both her and Joya has been the experience of a lifetime and they’re among the most amazing people I’ve ever known.  Thanks Joya and Jo so very much for the incredible experience!!

Breakfast at our digs in Ubud
Breakfast at our digs in Ubud