Mongol Rally Radio Interview with Rick Steves

It’s hard to believe how quickly a year goes by. This time last summer I was on the Mongol Rally, camping in the middle of the Turkmenistan desert at the Darvaza gas crater. What an unbelievable, crazy adventure it all was. I’ve had grand plans of converting my journal into some worthwhile reading but alas, I just haven’t made it happen yet. I promise you though, something is in the works.

Back in December, Mercy Corps put us in touch with Rick Steves and he invited myself and Brian Shrader from another Seattle Rally team, Baatar Hero, to do an interview with him about the Rally. Needless to say, we were super stoked to meet him and visit the studio.

Rick Steves and his entire crew were so friendly and easy to talk to. We had a blast chatting with him about the Rally and this past Saturday our interview finally aired on NPR’s Travel with Rick Steves. It’s quite a surreal experience to hear yourself on the radio!

If you’re interested, you can listen below to our interview and then go sign up for the Mongol Rally. I guarantee, it’ll be the most amazing adventure you’ll have in your life!