Washington State Lake Hiking Challenges

This is a part two follow-up to my post Washington State Hiking and Mountaineering Challenges, where I listed 9 Washington State Peak Lists to consider as fun outdoor challenges. This post is dedicated to the lake challenges, perfect for summer!

I love hiking challenges! I find them a fun, motivating way to explore new areas. Granted, I don’t need much motivation to get out and I’m sure most of you don’t either, but there’s something extra special to me about checking off a list. If you don’t find yourself a typical “peakbagger”, here are some great Washington State lake hiking challenges that are perfect for summer. I’ve also provided links to the relevant WTA trip report pages that offer additional trail information.

The awesome thing about hiking to lakes? They’re a great destination when higher peaks are snowed in or the weather isn’t optimal and in the summer there’s nothing better than taking an alpine lake plunge. 

The Olympia branch of the Mountaineers offers several different awards for the completion of the following lake lists, one award for completing 12 of the 15 in each area. Be sure to check their site for more information on the rules and how to receive your awards.

Happy hiking!

Alpine Lakes

Lake Green Trails Map #
Alaska Lake 207
Angeline Lake 175, 176
Lake Caroline 209S
Ethel 145, 177
Gallagher 209
Ingalls 209
Jade 175, 176
Josephine 176
Larch (Chiwaukum) 177, 178
Malachite 175, 176
Spectacle 207, 208
Surprise 176
Susan Jane 176
Tuck 176
Turquoise 176, 177
Beautiful Blanca Lake in the North Cascades
Beautiful Blanca Lake in the North Cascades

North Cascades Lakes

Lake Green Trails Map #
Blanca 143
Boulder 143
Crystal 111
Cutthroat 110, 142
Goat 111
Greider 142
Heather 144
Merritt 145
Minotaur 144
North 110
Peek a Boo 111
Round 111
Silver 143
Twin 143
Valhalla 144

Olympic Lakes

Lake Green Trails Map #
Black/White 167
Buckhorn 136
Constance 136, 168
Deer 133, 134
Elk (Hoh River) 133, 134
Flapjack 167
Grand 135
Hart 166, 167
Hoh 133, 134
Marmot 166, 167
Mildred 167
Moose 135
Royal 136
Sundown 166, 167, 199
Upper Lena 168

South Cascades Lakes

LakeGreen Trails Map #
Cultus365, 366
Fish271, 303
Pear, Apple303
Twin Sisters271, 303
Wapiki365, 366