Mt. Washington

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I took a little hike to Mount Washington near exit 38 on I-90 and it was an incredible summit with unbelievable views of Rainier, Si, and North Bend. This is my new I-90 fave!

Yep, it's a pretty accurate assessment

Masochists wanted: Stewart Mountain

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Ah, Stewart Mountain. I was fairly certain that crazy guy from Indiana Jones reached into my chest and pulled my still beating heart out. It was THAT fun!

Trying to give some perspective on the steep grade of this trail. A few feet ahead meant about 100' down, haha. It was brutal.

The Kamikazee Trail to Mt Teneriffe

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One of these days I’m convinced I’ll go on a hike with easy trails, big obvious signs, and warming huts that offer coffee, pastries, and maybe even massage…. Read More »

True dat. I'm not sure I'm going to have anything left for the after party in this series!

Fragrance Lake Half Marathon

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Next time I pick a season opener I maybe should ease in with something a little less brutal than a technical course with 3300′ of climbing! But hey, I survived and Fragrance Lake gave me a small taste of what I’m in for with the Bellingham Trail Series this year.


Lookout Mountain

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I think next time I’ll visit Lookout Mountain in the summer and save myself the thrill of icy narrow roads! But I made it and the views were worth every second.

Buck Mountain Lookout

Buck Mountain Lookout

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Armed with a Green Trails map and absolutely no idea what kind of roads I’d encounter I decided to take advantage of low snow conditions and trek up to the Buck Mountain Lookout near Loup Loup pass.

Approaching Panorama Point. Instead of going up the main chute, we veered up the left flank. It was stupid steep.

Tackling Camp Muir

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My first ever attempt to get to Camp Muir at the 10,080′ level of Mt Rainier was successful! We enjoyed a gorgeous day under blue skies despite a fierce wind. Mt Rainier sure put on a beautiful show with some amazing morning clouds. Pretty lucky for December!

Fuel 100 Electro-Bites

Fuel 100 Electro-Bites

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If you’re looking for a new fuel alternative to gels and shot blocks, check out Electro-Bites! They’re Gluten and Soy Free bite sized snacks that melt in your mouth and give you a nice dose of salty. Love ‘em!!


The coldest trail run I’ve ever done… in Death Valley

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Ironic isn’t it that I ran the coldest trail race I’ve ever done at one of the hottest places on earth? Go figure. No one believes me when I say I almost froze to death in Death Valley.

Annette and I and our crazy dogs on the summit of Iron Peak in the Teanaway. Gorgeous!!

R&R does a body good

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It’s been a while since a blog update mostly because I’ve been in downtime mode. Shortly before Utah I was feeling a bit fatigued. Physically I felt awesome,… Read More »