+-*I can’t believe it’s been a year since I joined family and friends in the Grand Canyon to complete the toughest and most memorable hike I’ve ever done: the Rim to the River and back in a day. I won’t soon forget this experience in one of the most fantastic places in the world.

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+-*This past weekend I was camping with friends and told them a funny but gross story about hiking with my dog Jake. He’s never been one to roll in disgusting things until this one time in the Methow Valley when he picked the ultimate grossness in dog prizes and had himself one of his finest trail moments.

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I-90 / Snoqualmie PassTrailsWashington

+-*I can’t tell you how excited I am to have finally checked off my first solo backpacking adventure! It was a “beary” exciting weekend of wildlife encounters, hot spring soaking, and beautiful trails!

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+-*Back in March I was asked to guest blog for a women’s adventure site called Rad Girls Collective. I wrote about my experience climbing Mount St. Helens on New Year’s Day with some good friends and I’m still giddy with excitement every time I think of it!

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+-*I do a fair amount of solo hiking and recently someone told me I should be scared to be in the woods alone. It got me thinking. How many of you hike alone? Do you think it’s safe? Some thoughts and tips for going solo.

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