Lorena Butte

Columbia Basin | Columbia-Yakima Hills

Location: 45.799723, -120.798206
Summit Elevation: 2,160′
Lookout Type: DNR cab
Site Established: 1937
Current Structure Built: 1974
Date Visited: 8/18/18

Lorena Butte is a unique lookout on private property with a stunning view of Mount Adams and Hood, though it has been moved from its original location. It’s also a very recent addition to the rental lookouts in Washington State. Contact owners through their Lefever Holbrook Ranch Facebook page for more info.

Photos from 2018.


The first known structure on Lorena Butte was an L-4 cab in 1937. In 1953, the owner of Lorena Butte, Irving Bath, leased his land to DNR and the following year in 1954 a DNR cab was built atop an 8′ rock formation. The site replaced nearby Simcoe Butte.

In 1974, the current DNR live-in cab was built atop a 10′ concrete slab and last staffed in 1993. In 2006, the cab was moved from the summit southwest down the ridge due to local mining operations. The concrete slab base built in 1974 remained. The lookout has occasionally been staffed in the new location during high fire danger times, most notably in July 2013 when a lightning storm swept across the area.

Lorena is now available for nightly rentals through the private land owners, Lefever Holbrook Ranch.


Lorena Butte is located on private property on a private farm near Goldendale, Washington. Prior to my visit in 2018, I contacted the owner Paulette to receive permission and she was a very gracious host, eager to share the lookout and its stories. She expressed at the time that she wanted to renovate the lookout so others could enjoy it, so it’s no surprise that just recently in 2021, the lookout is now available for rental for $150/night. Contact Paulette through the Lefever Holbrook Ranch Facebook page to get more details.