#37 Kitsap Kitsap Peninsula

First Visit: Feb 24, 2018
Lookout Type: 60-80′ steel tower
Site Established: 1940s
Current Structure Built: 1940s
Lat/Long: 47.54384°N / 122.74830°W

Distance(RT): 8 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,300′
Summit Elevation: 1,360′

What makes it special…
Little is known about this steel lookout and its odd design. Apparently the two planks near the top were used to align guns on battleships in dry dock at the Navy Yard in Bremerton.


This tower was built by the Navy sometime in the 1940s and thought to be abandoned until it was proved to still be standing in the 2000s. Eric Willhite has the most information on this lookout, saying that the two planks near the top were used to align 16 inch naval guns on battleships in dry dock at the Puget Sound Navy Yard in Bremerton.

The existence of the tower has stumped many, who believe it was never used primarily for naval uses or as an aircraft warning system, but based on Eric’s research, it does seem it was used for fire lookout purposes in the 1940s.


Access to this site is restricted as it lies just inside Bremerton Watershed property. While the tower isn’t located in the critical 3,000 acre Union River area, it is inside the 5,000 acre surrounding boundary. Because of that, I won’t offer details on how to get there or how I was able to gain access. Contact me directly if you’d like more information, but with some research and the use of maps, you can make it a creative objective!




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