My Trail Women’s Hyperlight Short-Sleeved Shirt

Disclaimer: I received a free 850 hyperlight short-sleeved shirt from My Trail in return for my honest review. My opinions are entirely my own and I enjoy providing real feedback about gear I actively use. I also strive to support gear companies who make the world a better place!

Update: My Trail is sadly going out of business, so check their site to snag some great deals on what’s left of their inventory.

Base layers are one of the most important outdoor clothing choices you can make. My Trail, formerly GoLite, makes a superb hyperlight tee that is the lightest, most breathable, and comfortable shirt I’ve ever worn! It also has a UPF rating of 30, which aids in sun protection. This summer I took mine hiking, running, backpacking, and even paddleboarding. It’s been TrailChick tested and approved!

Back in July, My Trail contacted me to see if I’d like to test out and review one of their Women’s Hyperlight Short-Sleeved Shirts.

My Trail was founded in 2015 in Boulder, Colorado and if you haven’t heard of them, you might have heard of the founder’s previous company, GoLite. GoLite, launched in 1998, designed and manufactured awesome ultralight clothing, backpacks, tents, and other outdoor gear. My Trail acquired GoLite’s product designs and are working to bring back improved versions of their ultralight products as well as new innovations. Unlike GoLite, My Trail’s focus is strictly technical apparel and equipment. They’re staying away from the whole casual lifestyle clothing movement. They’re also a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation, meaning the company is operated in a manner that is sustainable and beneficial to society and the environment.

I loved a lot of GoLite’s gear, so I gladly accepted to test and review the tee. Over the last two months I’ve taken it hiking, backpacking, trail running, and even paddleboarding! I have to admit, I’ve never really been a fan of tees. I usually find the seams annoying and the fit restrictive. This shirt; however, has changed my mind and is now on my favorite gear list! Read on for my full review and why I love it so much!

The Women’s Outdoor Hyperlight Short-Sleeved Shirt by My Trail, available in blue, green, red and black.


The first thing I noticed about the shirt was its incredible light weight, then its softness and breathability. I’m still in awe over its polyester fabric. Believe me, I’ve put it to the test because this summer in Seattle has been the warmest on record. Last week especially, I spent a few hot days in a row power hiking and running up steep trails to fire lookouts with a hydration pack on my back.

Hiking the tee to Shriner Peak Lookout at Mount Rainier on a hot summer day.

Yep, I got sweaty. There isn’t a single piece of clothing that will keep your back sweat-free in those conditions, but amazingly the shirt dried in record time once I took a break and removed my pack. Seriously, in t-minus 60 seconds, my back was dry! Even wearing my pack I somehow never felt like I was dripping. My Trail’s tee is easily the most wickable, breathable shirt I’ve ever owned. The other bonus? It somehow never got stinky!

Sun protection.

A clothing UPF rating is similar to a sunscreen SPF rating, except UPF measures a fabric’s effectiveness against both ultraviolet A (UVA) and B (UVB). Sunscreen measures only UVB, which is considered more damaging. Fabrics rated with a UPF above 40 are considered excellent, above 25 very good.

The My Trail tee has a UPF rating of 30, which means it allows only 1/30th of available UV radiation to pass through, which is a bit more than 3%. It’s also made of a polyester box-knit fabric, which is considered a superior fabric for sun protection, especially when tightly woven.

The polyester box-knit fabric makes the My Trail tee super lightweight, breathable, and sun resistant!

What does all that mean? Well, simply put, the My Trail tee offers great sun protection! All the hiking and backpacking I’ve done this summer has been high in the mountains under the blazing sun with very little shade. The shirt did a fantastic job of shading me from the sun’s rays.


Remember how I mentioned I usually hate shirts? It’s because most of the time not only do I hate the location of the seams, but I generally get chaffing, especially when backpacking. The My Trail tee is manufactured with a flatlock seam, which means there’s no loose fabric to cause chafing, and… there are no seams on top of the shoulder! Heck yeah!

I even tested it on a backpacking trip to the Mount Baker Wilderness and found myself pleasantly surprised that not a single seam or stitch bothered me in any way. The fabric is so soft and lightweight, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it!

Backpacking with the tee and pleasantly surprised by its comfort and lack of seam chaffing!


Somehow, everything about the fit of this tee is perfect to me. I’m 5’6, 120 lbs and wear an XS in pretty much everything. The My Trail tee has a slim, athletic shape and the XS fits me snuggly, exactly what I prefer. You might considering ordering up a size if you like a looser fit. It’s not an overly long tee, which again I like. If I raise my arms over my head, the tee lands right at the top line of my pants. The sleeve length is also ideal, not too long, not too short. I hate floppy sleeves and this one has none of that going on!

This is the XS and I love the athletic fit! Not too long and sleeves are perfect. Notice Jake dog tried to make a cameo in the corner? ????


I’ll fully disclose that I’m really tough on my clothing. I glissade down steep trails on my butt, bushwhack through Devil’s Club, and fall into blackberries. I’m a klutz. It’s just how I operate and there’s a reason I don’t own anything white!

Polyester is an incredibly durable fabric and offers superior sun protection but its one weakness can be snagging. If there’s any caveat I have with this shirt it’s that it can be a bit vulnerable to snags. I’ve only gotten a few small ones though in 2 months of hard use, so that’s a pretty good track record for someone like me! I don’t think it’s a fault of the manufacturing, it’s simply the price you pay for wearing hyperlight polyester fabric.

A small snag in my shirt below the collar, but it won’t stop me from recommending it or wearing it!

I’m not sure I’d wear it for an outing with lots of bushwhacking and I recommend keeping your distance from velcro, but I love the shirt so much I can look past the occasional snag. If you do snag it, resist the urge to pull or cut it away. Instead, slowly smooth the fabric around the bunched area or use a needle to pull the snag through. With a little patience, you can generally work it out!


This tee is so comfortable, lightweight, and breathable you can use it for just about anything! All of my years in tank tops have subjected my shoulders to a lot of sun, so I have to admit it’s been nice to give them some cover. In the last two months I’ve worn my tee hiking, trail running, backpacking, kayaking, and even paddleboarding! Especially when out on the water, it’s nice to have a shirt with UV protection.

Great for paddleboarding, especially with the sun protection!

Even when paddling the shirt moves nicely and the sleeves aren’t restrictive. Super comfy and the sun protection is a bonus!


Fabric: 100% polyester box-knit
Neckline: crew
Weight: 2.5 ounces
Seams: flatlock chafe-free

Breathable: yes
Anti-Microbial: yes
UPF Rating: 30
Moisture Wicking: yes

The tee also has a reflective logo on both the front and back to add a little safety for nighttime outings.

The tee’s reflective logos.

Bottom line.

Base layers and simple things like tee shirts are easy to overlook but they’re one of the most important outdoor clothing choices you can make. A great base layer keeps you dry, breathing, and comfortable! Once you try one as awesome as the My Trail tee you’ll suddenly realize what you’ve been missing! Again, just be cautious with this fabric as it can be a bit prone to snagging, but overall, this is a fantastic choice for any outdoor activity you can throw at it! In addition to the hyperlight crew-neck tee, they make an equivalent long-sleeve tee as well as other ultralight options with a v-neck. Men, you have the same options too!

Love the My Trail hyperlight tee!

Want to buy one?

MyTrail is sadly going out of business, but check their website for great deals on what’s left of their inventory. I’m sad to see them go 🙁

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