Fuel 100 Electro-Bites

Electro-Bites are locally made in Mukilteo and a fantastic alternative to traditional gels and shot blocks. I can only describe them as bite-sized pieces of salty crumbly cookie dough that are gluten and soy free. Yummmy!!!

A few months back a trail runner friend told me about Electro-Bites. They’re a relatively new alternative fuel made locally in Mukilteo by a company called Fuel 100. Always game to try something new, especially from a local source, I visited their website and signed up for their newsletter in exchange for a free sample. I couldn’t believe it when the very next day I had a package of samples. They sure work fast! And they don’t spam you with tons of email.

I wasn’t sure what to make of these things when I first opened the package and tasted one. They’re certainly different from anything else out there. I can only describe them as the consistency of dry crumbly cookie dough with a dose of salt. I was instantly hooked and they’ve since pushed gels and shot blocks right out of the picture for me.


They’re like salty little pieces of cookie dough, yum!

I started using them this past summer when I was doing a lot of big full day hikes. Of course I had power bars and other food with me but I ate these little bites all day long with absolutely none of the ill effects I would’ve had from eating gels all day long. They never bothered my stomach and were very easy to eat on the go. Since they practically melt in your mouth they require no water and very little effort to consume. Grab one and pop it! I’ve had some bad experiences with water catastrophes and a mouth full of Hammer gel. Not so fun.

Full ingredients are listed on the packaging and on the website. They also come in a few different flavors: Simply Salty, Salty Vinegar, Salty Vanilla, Apple cinnamon, and a seasonal Pumpkin Spice. I’m sold on the Simply Salty and Salty Vinegar but haven’t tried the others.

About the only downside I could find is that they’re a bit susceptible to smashing, so you want to take care where you put them. I’ve started dropping mine in an old film container which keeps them in one piece.

I ran a trail half marathon just a few weeks ago in Death Valley fully supported by Electro-Bites and had a great race with no bonking or stomach problems. A few other runners were really curious what I was eating and tried some samples I handed out. They all gave the bites a very enthusiastic thumbs up.

I can’t say enough positive things about this product so if you’re looking for something new give them a try! You can order directly on the website and I know 7Hills running shop in Magnolia carries them. I just stocked up with the Baker’s dozen so if you happen to see me at a race ask me for a sample! I never leave home without ’em!

Disclaimer: I believe in doing good in the world and purchase my gear from companies who feel the same. I’m not paid to support any of the companies or products I review. All the gear I review has been purchased, tested, scuffed up, and loved by me!