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Navigating Wilderness Permits and Lotteries

Lottery and permit applications for popular wilderness areas in Washington open as early as February, which makes it a great time to start planning! Here's a guide with important dates and details for the most coveted spots in the State.…

February 1, 2019
Gear Reviews

Bear Canister Buying Guide

Bear canisters aren't anyone's favorite piece of gear, but if you backpack, you'll eventually have to use one. Read where canisters are required in Washington State, tips for choosing the right one, and why I picked the BearVault BV450.…

April 16, 2017
Tips and Tricks

Lightning Safety for Outdoor Adventuring

If you were caught outside in a lightning storm, would you know what to do? In my past Indiana life I volunteered as a SkyWarn Storm Spotter and my training came in handy this week when I made two big mistakes and got myself…

July 20, 2016